Social Media’s Role in Finding the Missing

Every three minutes a child is reported missing in the UK; across the EU that number rises to one child every two minutes. In the US, the FBI recorded almost 467,000 missing children in 2014, which is close to one reported every minute. In the US, milk cartons, posters, flyers, and traditional news reports were the main missing […]

The Hidden Meaning of Emojis

Those seemingly innocent emojis that we use daily…Did you know there is danger lurking behind them? What can look harmless in a social media post or text message may have a different meaning to teens. The BBC Scotland recently aired a documentary on kids selling drugs online. An excerpt follows: Teenagers are employing a code […]

How to Find Gang Members On Social Media

Or really any group of people, for that matter. But we are using gang members because the McAfee Institute recently shared a great blog post on this topic to highlight not only ways to easily identify and search for people, groups of people/organizations, or a general topic of interest on social media but also (in […]