It’s Not “Just” Social Media

In reading about yet another use for social media research, I came across a statement that a college student said in reaction to learning that more and more colleges are looking at applicants’ social media content during the application process. He said:   “It’s social media — it should be used between people who are […]

Insurance Fraud Caught With Social Media

Insurance companies are realizing the power of social media, especially when content that is damaging to their case is posted online. Consider the following situation…..someone takes an insurance policy in the amount of two million dollars on their million dollar car. Suddenly the car is involved in an accident, and the owner files a claim. […]

Social Media For Jury Selection

During the jury selection process, there’s not a lot of time to determine which potential jurors would be best for your upcoming trial. Some states allow firms to receive a list of potential jurors prior to voir dire – wphen this happens, using social media research can truly prepare lawyers for the process and give […]