Bankruptcy Courts See Social Media Accounts as Property

Small to mid-size business owners put their heart and soul into their companies, often times using social media to promote and talk about their business. What happens when an owner sells the business, or worse, goes bankrupt? What happens to the social media accounts?   Very recently, a gentleman found out. He owned a gun […]

An Instagram Post Was the Last Straw…

  True story of a high school athletic coach and how she sealed her already shaky fate with the organization she worked for… A coach was hired for a high school athletic team. While young and inexperienced, the season started off okay. However, as the season progressed, it became clear that perhaps this coach was […]

One Post Causes Chaos For The Zoo…

  One simple post caused an uproar for Brookfield Zoo guests recently. The following picture was posted by a Brookfield Zoo employee, apparently while at work and in front of a concession stand of sorts. To further indicate she was in fact at her place of employment when this picture was posted, she tagged her location […]

It’s Not “Just” Social Media

In reading about yet another use for social media research, I came across a statement that a college student said in reaction to learning that more and more colleges are looking at applicants’ social media content during the application process. He said:   “It’s social media — it should be used between people who are […]