Two Cases of Social Media Gone Wrong in Court

  Social media content is being incorporated into trials across the world, and the legal system is still trying to determine how to best allow this, what’s legally able to be used as evidence, and other aspects of how social media is/can be used in court. As this is being hashed out, social media continues […]

HR & Social Media: Protected Class Guide

You can’t unring the bell … why put yourself (or your company) in a potentially sticky situation when it comes to hiring and the use of social media as part of the hiring process? HR departments are using social media as a tool for potential employee research, though this has been one industry that is […]

Lawyers: Don’t Be Sideswiped By Social Media

  When taking on a new client, one of the first things that is done during the interview/discovery process is asking your client about his/her social media accounts and habits. It’s good to be aware of what they have online, as this can easily be used as evidence if the case goes to trial. Your […]