Can Social Media Content Be Used in Trial?

Social media content is now being used for more than sharing with friends and family – its use has grown, and it has already made its way into the courtroom. There has been a lot of discussion around the use of social media content as evidence in a trial – while it is becoming more […]

Educating Students by Taking Social Media Conflict Offline

  Educating teens on social media use and responsibility is quite the challenge – with the immediacy and constant availability of social media, teens tend to use social media to vent frustration, share conflict, or even sometimes with the intent to harm a classmate’s reputation. Most times, teens don’t have malicious intent – they are […]

Job Seekers: Is The Resume Dead?

  Whether you’re just out of college and ready to start your career, or you’re looking for a change, you may have noticed that job seeking is changing. Part of it has to do with technology in general, such as online applications vs. postal mailing of resumes and cover letters, and another has to do […]