Let’s Talk Snapchat

Snapchat was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, who were Stanford University students at the time, came up with the initial concept for the app. Reggie Brown was also involved in the early development stages but later parted ways with the company. Evan Spiegel is often credited as the primary founder and CEO of Snapchat.

Snapchat is particularly popular among younger demographics, including teenagers and young adults. According to The Social Shepherd, Snapchat has over 365 million daily active users worldwide, with India having the largest audience to date. In the past, the app gained significant traction among high school and college students. However, it has since expanded its user base to include a wider range of age groups. While Snapchat’s primary user base consists of people between the ages of 13 and 34, there are also older users who enjoy the platform’s features and functionalities. It’s important to note that user demographics can vary across different regions and over time as social media usage patterns evolve.

Snapchat became popular for several reasons, which contributed to its appeal among users.

Snapchat introduced the concept of disappearing messages, photos, and videos, which created a sense of privacy and encouraged more spontaneous and authentic communication. This feature attracted users who wanted a more ephemeral and less permanent form of sharing.

One of the first platforms to popularize augmented reality (AR) filters and lenses, Snapchat allows users to add fun and interactive elements to their photos and videos. These AR features, including face filters and animations, offered a unique and engaging way to express oneself and became a major draw for users.

Creative tools, such as drawing, stickers, text overlays, and geofilters, allow users to personalize their content and make it more engaging and entertaining. The platform’s playful and innovative nature makes it attractive to users looking for a fun and expressive social media experience.

It also provides a convenient and intuitive way to communicate with friends through private messages, group chats, and its Stories feature. Users share moments from their day and create narratives with photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. This emphasis on sharing and storytelling resonates with users who want to connect and engage with their friends in a more dynamic and visual manner.

With the introduction of the Discover feature, Snapchat offers a wide range of content from publishers, influencers, and brands. Users explore news, entertainment, and lifestyle content within the app, making it a hub for staying informed and entertained.

Snapchat Features -Present & Future

Features come and go through a variety of social platforms and the same applies to Snapchat while some of the basic features have stayed the same. New features are also being added. We look at why so many individuals turn to Snapchat daily and the future of this app below.

  1. Disappearing Messages- One of Snapchat’s signature features is the ability to send messages, photos, and videos that automatically disappear after being viewed, adding a sense of privacy and spontaneity to conversations.
  2. Snap Map- The Snap Map feature allows users to share their location with friends on a map. Users can choose to enable or disable location sharing and customize the level of privacy. It also shows “Our Story” content from various locations and events.
  3. AR Lenses and Filters- Snapchat offers a wide range of augmented reality lenses and filters that overlay animations, effects, and filters on users’ faces or in their surroundings. These lenses can be applied during photo or video capture and often change based on facial expressions or gestures.
  4. Stories- Users can create Stories by posting photos and videos that are available for 24 hours. Stories can be enhanced with text, drawings, stickers, and filters. Users can also choose to make their Stories visible to all their friends or select a specific audience.
  5. Discover- Snapchat’s Discover section provides content from publishers, influencers, and brands. Users can explore articles, videos, and other media from various sources within the app.
  6. Snap Originals- Snapchat produces its own original shows and series called Snap Originals. These shows are designed to be watched vertically on mobile devices and offer interactive and immersive experiences.
  7. My AI – Snapchat launched ‘My AI this past February and it has taken off. A user can chat with an AI bot, ask questions, and create their own AI persona. The ultimate goal for all new AI technology is to maximize engagement. Following this newly added feature comes another similar concept called Dreams.
  8. Dreams Another AI element being added, ‘Dreams’ will allow you to upload several selfies that then generate “fantastical Snaps” of yourself. This will place yourself into different AI generative realms.

Additionally, Snapchat is offering several other features including Generative AI Lenses, After Dark Stories, Friendship Flashbacks, Communities for more Schools (allowing classroom messaging in a school community), Snap Map Updates (providing live shared locations with friends), Bitmoji Depth (allowing Bitmoji’s to appear less cartoony and more 3D), and last but certainly not least, more AI features.

Did You Know?

There are public profiles through Snapchat along with private ones. A public profile let’s you be discovered in the app, showcase your creativity publicly, and grow an audience on Snapchat. There are several features available to an individual who has a public Snapchat account, which may assist during an online search or investigation to know. Public Snapchat story tiles show the viewers and number of Snaps in that Story, according to an article through Snapchat.com. Tap a Public Story tile to see the views, viewers, screenshots, swipe-ups, and interactions per Snaps. There’s a lot a public user can view on who is interacting with their account.

Snapchat has certainly evolved over the years, allowing users to interact with their peers in unique ways. Users have ability to interact with whom they choose, share content they want, but also view who is seeing their snaps and stories shared. The future of Snapchat is bright and filled with intertwined features and technology. Stay tuned!