Facebook’s Dating App

Dating apps have been around for over 10 years. They are extremely popular and it is no surprise that Facebook decided to get in on the action in 2018. It was first launched for Columbian users and by the end of the year it grew to 14 other countries. Right around 2019 it hit the […]

Finding People on OnlyFans

OnlyFans has exploded in popularity during the Covid pandemic. It has been an outlet for people to kill a little boredom, the same way many social platforms have done. This gives all of us a plethora of additional information to find on a POI (person of interest). Finding people on OnlyFans can be tricky. We […]

Adults Contacting Minors Online

Adults contacting minors online for the purpose of sextortion or meeting up for sex continues to be a big problem. Federal investigators believe there are more than 500,000 online predators active each day and they all have multiple online profiles. The ACM’s (Adults Contacting Minors) attempt to groom their minor victims, one step at a […]

Competitive Intelligence Investigations

In the business world, one could say with confidence that everyone is spying on everyone else. It’s a given and possibly more popular within certain industries. Competitive Intelligence initiatives in business is almost critical for the business owner. Whether the company is small, medium, or large, this type of intelligence gathering is important. Now with […]

Illegal Drug Sales & Social Media

Social Media companies are still being challenged for not doing enough when it comes to selling drugs on their platforms. Snap Chat, Instagram, Tik Tok and others have been sited for not doing enough to curb illegal drug sales on their sites. Parents, in particular, are passionate about this issue. With the rise of Fentanyl, […]

Facial Recognition – Online Research

Facial recognition is something that you may want to zero in on before you begin any type of reverse image searching. If you just want to see if the photo itself is being used anywhere else online, then leaving the photo as is works well. However, what if you have a photo of a person […]

You Shouldn’t Post That Here

By now we have all been schooled on what we shouldn’t post publicly in social media and why. In fact, you can read all over the internet why it is not a good idea to post your COVID vaccination card. It is also not a good idea to post about vacation plans. When it comes […]

The Online Personality of Your Subject

Is the online personality of a person different from their in person personality? I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called, “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.” The docuseries is about a Canadian college student, Elisa Lam, who was a guest of the hotel in 2013. She disappeared and was missing for a […]

Employee Fraud in the Digital Age

In today’s digital world, employee fraud and theft is up and can cost a company a lot of lost revenue. This is an area in which a Private Investigator can be be very valuable to a loss prevention department. A recent article in the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported two employee fraud investigations. “Home Depot just […]

Analyzing Social Media Posts

Analyzing social media posts is most likely something you don’t really do on a regular basis. Unless the case calls for it, there is not always a need for it. However, when there is, so much can be uncovered! Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer If you are a Netflix subscriber you may […]

The Role Culture Plays in Social Media Research

When we think of social media research, or social media listening, culture is not something that immediately comes to mind. It is only when we begin to dig deeper and identify what our search parameters are, that we begin to understand that cultural differences will play an important role. Recently, a client of ours asked […]

Three Facebook Group Search Tips

Back in 2018, Mark Zuckerberg was focused on getting more people to engage on their platform. Facebook Groups became a very important tool to use to do just that. Facebook rolled out an algorithm known as “Facebook Zero,” and simply put, this is the reason why you most likely see Group content dominating your newsfeeds. […]

3 Ways to Find Someone’s Email Address

When conducting online research, a person’s email address can be vital. When you consider that most social media platforms and online forums require an email address to sign up, you could be missing important information by not knowing it. When conducting a basic background search there are times you don’t even pull up one email […]

Don’t forget Hashtags!

Have you used hashtags in your online investigations? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word hashtag or see the symbol (#)? Do you think of Twitter? Or maybe Instagram, LinkedIn, or even Facebook? Social media users notice hashtags within posts. Some users follow hashtags. Some create them […]

Selling Drugs in Social Media

With all of the troubling events in our world today, social media seems to be more focused on the Election, COVID-19, Protests and Riots. Not much attention is given these days to selling drugs in social media. However, it is still happening and many police departments are having a hard time keeping up. Salt Lake […]

Riots & Reddit Have Something In Common

Riots and Reddit are probably not something you would think have anything in common. However, because of the way Reddit is organized, it has been a resource for investigative journalism. It is heavily used for the monitoring of riots across the US. Reddit Let’s start with the basis. What is Reddit, you may ask? Reddit […]

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an English language adage meaning that complex and sometimes multiple ideas can be conveyed by a single still image, which conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a mere verbal description. (Wikipedia) I couldn’t help but think about how pictures in social media are worth a thousand words, especially when […]

Reputation Management: Hire an Investigator

When you think of reputation management, what industry comes to mind? Perhaps you would think of a PR or Communication company. We have all seen commercials on TV around companies that can help you improve your image. They promise to get rid of those bad reviews, gather up good ones, and make you look like […]

Staying Ahead of the Social Media Curve

One area that OSINT & Social Media Researchers have in common with Social Media Marketers, is the challenge of staying ahead of the social media curve. It seems like almost weekly, social platforms change something. Most of the changes have to do with ease of use for the user or trying to adhere to changing […]

Employees’ Rights & Social Media

Employees and social media have been a sore spot for employers over the years. Back in the early years of social media, many employers were concerned about the amount of time employees spent in social media during an average work day. Their concerns centered around productivity, rather than what the employees were posting about. Fast […]

The COVID-19 Fraud Storm Continues…

When we think of fraud due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we think of individual people committing fraud. After all we are only too familiar with workman’s comp insurance scams & most recently, employee fraud. We have discussed in a previous blog post how one Fortune 500 company had a loss of over $100,000.00 after an […]

Employee Ethics & Fraud During COVID-19

Back in April we wrote about fraud predictions during the COVID 19 pandemic. Back then most of what was out there was PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) fraud. We saw a lot of fakes and it even began to show up in COVID testing. Much of this was controlled by the FDA who provided consumers with […]

How to Catch a Cheater: The Web & Infidelity

We see our fair share of infidelity cases in which a Private Investigator wants to conduct a deep web scan on the person accused of cheating. This is always a mixed bag for us because there isn’t any software out there than can pull any or all data from dating sites. Most dating sites are […]

Who is Tied to This Email Address?

We have had a few requests over the years asking if there is a way to search an email address to see who it is tied to. There are actually numerous ways in which to do this on several different sites. Many of them require payment of some kind. You can try basic searches in […]

Small Business Acquisitions as a Growth Strategy

I remember when 9-11 happened and the tremendous shock that resonated throughout our country. The pain felt for all the lives lost. The fear that an enemy could attack us the way they did. The crash of our economy and the uncertainty of what was ahead. President Bush told America that the stock market was, […]

Linkedin Loop Holes: How to Use Them in Your Search

Could Linkedin be an OSINT analyst’s secret weapon? Whenever we speak to Private Investigators about OSINT techniques, we always point out that each social media platform can be used like a search engine. Trial and error is the course of action many of us experience when searching for a business or person in social platforms […]

If it Can Happen to Amazon, it Can Happen To You

Social Media: The Industry Disrupter Social media continues to be a major business disrupter. For the last decade most companies and brands have been working like crazy to figure it all out. From social media marketing to social hiring reports. How does it all work? Which platform should we use to market? What is the […]

OSINT Research: The Devil’s in the Details

For those unfamiliar with the term OSINT Research, it is explained this way by Wikipedia Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the collection and analysis of information that is gathered from public, or open, sources.[2] OSINT is primarily used in national security, law enforcement, and business intelligence functions and is of value to analysts who use non-sensitive intelligence in answering classified, unclassified, or proprietary […]

Every Picture Tells a Story

How to Use it in Your Next Investigation More than 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day,(as of November 2019). People love to look at pictures in social media and they love to share them. Most Instagram photos are uploaded in the moment of experience, right from a mobile phone. This can be very telling […]

There is a Rumor Going Around…

In any work environment there is bound to be a whole bunch of dynamics around the office. Too many type A’s in the office could be quite exhausting for example. It takes skill to navigate it all with the help of a good HR department. This is however, very understandable and common to most people. […]

How to Find Someone in Prison

Before you start your search for someone in prison it is important to know some important terms. Prison – also known as a penitentiary or correctional facility, is a place in which individuals are physically confined and are deprived of a range of personal freedoms. Individuals held within prisons and corrections facilities have been either […]

How to Manually Get to Deep Web Content

In a recent article , the deep web was clarified – what it is, what it’s not, and why it can be useful. The question that always comes up is, “How can we access it?” In part, you are accessing it each time you do a Google search – you’re just not going back far […]

Students & Social Media

Not too long ago the highlight of our day was hearing “You’ve got mail!” Those were simpler times when we didn’t have to worry so much about offending people with what we posted or someone sharing our status. But now, social media allows anyone, including students, to make any part of life much more public. […]

Fake Profiles & Online Impersonation

When watching my local news the other evening, I heard of a case that really surprised me. A Town Commissioner of a small town in North Carolina, disagreed with his fellow board members over a specific topic. So much so, that he decided to create a fake Facebook profile and use it to harrass and […]